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Cleavage typical pyroxene cleavages parallel to 110 which intersect at 90° Twinning Ron H Vernon 2004 A pratical guide to rock microstructure

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Orthopyroxene Page Clark Science Center Smith College

Orthopyroxene Opx Property Value Comments Formula Enstatite Mg end member MgSiO3 Ferrosilite Fe end member FeSiO3 Solid solution between

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Pyroxene Wikipedia

The pyroxenes commonly abbreviated to Px are a group of important rock forming inosilicate minerals found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks

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Orthopyroxene gabbro Mineral information data and localities

Normal crystalline igneous rock middot Coarse grained quot plutonic quot crystalline igneous rock middot Gabbroid middot Gabbro Orthopyroxene gabbro Gabbro is in section 10 of the

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Quantitative analysis of trace OH in garnet and pyroxenes

t 0 32 and 15 6 t 0 94 ppm H20 39 cm2 for pyrope augite and enstatite respectively pyroxene orthopyroxene and garnet samples of high pu rity

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